Zatorland – biggest park of dinosaurs in eastern Europe

Zatorland is best known for their interactive exhibition of dinosaurs, but it’s good to know, that it’s not the only attraction, which is held by this park. The whole complex covers an area of several thousand square meters, which makes it the biggest attraction of sort in Poland. What to do there?

For fans of technology

Even if one isn’t a exactly fond of insects or dinosaurs, almost everyone will admire the accuracy and number of details contained in individual models. The fact, that some of them are also capable of moving and making sounds makes the fun even better.

People, who are interested in dinosaurs or insects should know, that there can be seen T-rexes, ladybugs, cockroaches, ants and many more. There are also some educational paths, which will allow to learn about many interesting facts concerning ancient creatures and bugs. For those, who are visiting Zatorland as a school trip – there are also stands, which allows to take part in an unique biology or history lesson.

Learning and fun

After the lesson and visiting those highly interesting educational paths – everyone can visit the lunapark, where many slides, carousels and other attractions can be found. It is sure, that everyone will find something worth a shot there!

Also, no one should forget about the mytholog park. There is even a replica of the Trojan horse and the whole trip is being taken on a boat. Even those, who aren’t interested in mythology, can’t say “no” to a free boat ride!