Krakow’s nightlife for party lovers

Krakow nightlife

People who live in Krakow will definitely agree with the statement, that there is hardly a better place in Poland to spend the evening and following night than Krakow. Why is that so?

Many amazing opportunities awaits

Krakow nightlife ( is one of the richest in the whole country. As this old city islargely based on tourism, many nightclubs and pubs have been established here. Those are the places, that can be visited by both tourists and town citizens pretty much every night.

Most of the clubs are located in the strict center of the town, which makes them easy to reach for most of the people. Not only can they get there by public transportation, but also many cabs are parked there. It means that getting to a party and safely coming back from it are easy and accessible for most of the people.

Where to look for the best clubs?

As mentioned before, the city center also happens to be the center ot Krakow’s nightlife. There are many clubs (both regular and strip clubs) and pubs, that are open until late night hours.

Krakow nightlife

Also, many people can be met there. As the town is full of young people looking for an opportunity to spend some time partying, the city center is an almost non-stop party, especially during the weekends. Thus, if a person is looking to make some new friends and just have fun – Krakow is a great place to do so. Many parties, quite safe environment and hundreds of friendly people are the proof of that!