European capitols – Warsaw

A tour of European capitals is very popular among world youth. Particularly positive moods prevail in relation to Poland. It is a friendly country visited every year by a growing number of tourists. The capital of Poland – Warsaw deserves special attention. This historic city is currently one of the most modern European capitals. What is worth seeing in Warsaw?

Try Polish cuisine!

Being in Poland it’s impossible not to try the delicacies of Polish cuisine. Stew or roulades are just some of the most popular Polish dishes. You can’t forget about the soup that conquers the hearts of foreign tourists. Supporters of strong drinks will also find something for themselves, especially at Vodka Museum Warsaw (local site wrotes more in this topic).

Learn the history of Poland

The Warsaw Uprising Museum or the Museum of the Second World War are just some of the historic places in Warsaw. However, these are the basic ones that every tourist should visit in Warsaw. In addition, it is worth visiting the Palace of Culture and Science, especially when there are some interesting exhibitions.

Spend time actively

Warsaw is such a big city that you can spend up to several weeks in it. Visiting places like Vodka Museum Warsaw you can see something unusual, and spending the evening on the bustling streets of Warsaw will be something extraordinary. One thing is certain, being in Warsaw cannot be boring. The city has such a wide offer that everyone will find something for themselves. It doesn’t matter if you are still a teenager or already much older. In Warsaw, every moment can be spent in an unusual way.