Attractive Schindler’s Factory

schindlers factory

Recently, it happens more and more often that many people travel very often. Nowadays people definitely have more and more money and, above all, much better means of transport. Even if you decide to travel by public transport, you can reach your destination in very comfortable conditions. Day trips are also very popular today. So where can you go? What destinations are the most popular?

Day trips are more and more often chosen

There are definitely many attractive places in Poland that are worth visiting. Krakow is certainly such a place, where many tourists come every year. Languages ​​of many nationalities can be heard on the Krakow market regardless of the season. Even in the former capital of Poland, we often find not only Europeans, but also Asians and residents of other continents.

Museums are very popular among tourists. More and more people decide to visit such places because you can find numerous monuments there. These are branches located among others on the market and around it. A little further from the market there is a very popular schindler’s factory. So what can you find at schindler’s factory tour?

What is Schindler’s factory?

Oskar Schindler’s Enamel Factory is a factory founded in 1937 as a place of production of enamelled and tin products. Leased and then taken over by the German entrepreneur Oskar Schindler in 1939 as the German Enamel Product Factory operated by Schindler until 1945. The factory is located at 4 Lipowa Street, in Kraków’s Zabłocie. Schindler employed Jews at risk of extermination, who were then entered on the so-called Schindler’s list and those saved from extermination. This place can be seen thanks to Schindler’s factory tour