Beautiful Ojcow National Park

Poland is a very beautiful country, which is visited by many tourists every year. This is not surprising, because you can find a lot of numerous attractions here. Noteworthy in this case is the fact that there are not only numerous monuments, which were not fortunately destroyed during World War II, but also very attractive places. So where should you go?

Attractive places in Poland near Krakow

Definitely Krakow is one of the most visited cities in Poland, in particular by foreigners. Increasingly, many people decide to visit this former capital of Poland, because you can find many monuments here. Among others, the Wawel Royal Castle is very nice, where there are many valuable exhibits.

However, one should not forget that there are also many valuable monuments near Krakow, that are worth paying special attention to. If you travel by car, it is worth visiting the National Park near Krakow. This is Ojcow National Park, which is a very popular place especially among tourists from abroad. There you can find very attractive views, as well as a microclimate. Definitely National Park Ojcow is a place, that everyone should visit at least once in their life. In addition to the picturesque castle, as well as the chapel on the water, you can also admire the numerous rocks that take on very attractive shapes. Certainly the most popular rock is the so-called Hercules club. It is a showcase of this one of the oldest National Parks in Poland, to which thousands of tourists from all over the world come every year.