Why shoud we go to the salt mine in Krakow?

The Salt Mine Krakow is one of the most valuable monuments of material and spiritual culture in Poland, visited by over one million tourists from around the world every year. It is also a world-class monument, entered as one of the first twelve sites on the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List.

Krakow Salt Mine very beauty

The Wieliczka salt mine today is both a centuries-old tradition and modernity, a centuries-old history and an underground city with extensive infrastructure. The mine is the achievements of several dozen generations of miners, a monument of the history of Poland and the Polish nation. It is a brand that has existed in the minds of Poles for centuries.

The price list for visiting the mine is varied. It all depends on the route we choose, whether we go alone, in groups, in the season or outside. Discounts are available to children, adolescents, students, pensioners, non-mobile tourists, as well as a family of 2 adults and 2 children aged 4 to 16 years. Tickets start from around 10 euros. Photographing and filming on the tourist route is paid. A detailed price list can be found on the mine’s website.

Salt mine in Krakow is mainly known for its salt underground. However, there are a few must-see points in the town. Some are closely related to the mine, others a bit less. They are very interesting and attractive. All places are visible during one day. We just need to plan everything well.