Why it is important to visit jewish quarter Krakow?

Every year, many people decide to go on various holiday trips. In this case, the popular destinations are certainly places located abroad. However, it should not be forgotten that we can also find many beautiful places in our home country. The former capital of Poland, visited by many tourists every year, deserves a lot of attention. Krakow, because this is the city we are talking about, encourages with its charm and numerous monuments. So what is worth visiting in this city?

Krakow is becoming more and more popular with tourists

First of all, if we are in a given capital of Poland, it is worth booking a bit more time for sightseeing, because in one day we will certainly not visit all the monuments of Krakow. It is worth going to the main square and then to the Vistula River, where we can find many perfectly preserved monuments.

However, the popular Jewish district of Kazimierz is also located next to the market square. The jewish quarter Krakow is also a very popular place among tourists, because it was there that before the war life was vibrant. It was a place where many people of Jewish nationality lived. However, after the war, the vast majority of them died due to the mass extermination of Jews. Being on the Vistula River, it is worth going to the jewish quarter in Krakow, because it is a historical monument. It is possible to visit many places related to Jewish culture, including synagogues and numerous other monuments that remain from the times before the World War.